Project Content

The benefit of increasing permeability between vocational and higher education will be the enhancement of equality of educational opportunity as well as of the attractiveness of vocational trainings in the field of health and social care. The importance of this sector will grow furthermore due to the demographic chance in Europe. At the same time, there is already an existing lack of qualified workers in this sector and it will increase in many western European countries in the next years. The Statistisches Bundesamt, for example, states that there will be missing 193.000 health and social workers in 2025 according to their model calculations.

The project transfered methods, procedures, instruments and guidelines for the recognition of prior learning in vocational education and training for admission to higher education.

In particular it transfered good practices and tested models for:

  • organizing the institutional frameworks for RPL in both VET and HE institutions,
  • recognizing prior learning on a learning-outcome-oriented basis (ECVET),
  • student and applicant counseling and
  • Cooperation between VET and HE institutions in curricula development and recognition procedures. All involved project partners have already worked in at least one of the abovementioned fields and are able to share their valuable experiences within the project partnership.

The main aims of the project were:

  • Defining the framework by analyzing the legislative groundwork and the state of implementation of recognition processes for learning outcomes from VET towards HE in the participating countries
  • Summarizing key issues of recognition processes, implemented and tested methodologies and instruments that are transferable
  • Adapting, developing and transferring methodologies and instruments to the national contexts and implementing these at the participating institutions
  • Assuring and promoting the cooperation between VET and HE institutions by concluding agreements on standardized recognition processes and by providing agreement templates
  • Enabling VET and HE stakeholders to implement recognition processes
  • Disseminating the project results and assuring their sustainability and exportation within Europe